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Get rich bass tones like never before. 

Own the low-end with the 15-inch ToneSpeak TSB-15-250 Bass Guitar Speaker. Engineered for excellence, it boasts a 2.5-inch inside/outside copper voice coil, delivering unparalleled responsiveness and clarity to your bass notes. The speaker is powered by a robust 7 oz neodymium magnet, ensuring a rich, punchy tone while maintaining a lightweight design. With the capacity to handle an impressive 500 watts of program power, this speaker delivers the low end you've been searching for. 

  • 15-inch steel basket
  • 2.5-inch inside/outside copper voice coil
  • Fiberglass former
  • 7 oz. neodymium magnet
  • Paper cone with cloth M-roll surround
  • 250 watts AES
  • 500 watts program power
  • 98.5 dB

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More Information
Brand Name ToneSpeak
Model # TSB-15-250
Size, Nominal (inch & mm) 15" (381 mm)
Shape of Speaker Round
Speaker Type Bass Guitar Speaker
Application Musical Instruments
Environment Indoor
RoHS Compliant Yes
Nominal Impedance (Z) (Ω) 8
Rated Power IEC268-5 (W) 250 Watts
Rated Impedance (Ω) 8
Continuous Power (W) 250
Program Power (W) 500
Frequency Range (Hz) 45 - 4,000
Sensitivity (dB SPL) ¹ 98.5
Resonant Frequency (Fs) (Hz) +/- 15% 38
DC Resistance (Re) (Ω) 5.7
Voice Coil Inductance (Le) (mH) 0.51
Mechanical Q Factor (Qms) 10.24
Electrical Q Factor (Qes) 0.43
Total Q Factor (Qts) 0.42
Mechanical Resistance (Rms) (kg/s) 1.7
Compliance Equivalent Volume (Vas) (L) 251
Suspension Compliance (Cms) (mm/N) 0.24
Surface Area of Diaphragm (Sd) (cm²) 855.34
Moving Mass (Mms) (gm) 73.3
Xmax (Klippel verified @82% Bl) (mm) 3.8
Xmax (Winding Height-Gap Height / 2) (mm) 3.8
Xmax (Add 1/3 Gap Height) (mm) 6.1
Xlim (mm) 15.5
Motor Force Factor (BL) (T•M) 15.1
Basket Type Pressed steel
Terminal Size (mm) 5.2
Voice Coil Diameter (mm) 63.5
Voice Coil Wire Material Copper
Voice Coil Former Material Fiberglass
Voice Coil Winding Style Inside / Outside
Magnet Material Neodymium
Magnet Weight (g) 198.4
Cone Body Material Paper
Cone Surround Material Cloth
Dust Cap Material Felt