Glasgow 1050 Speaker Impulse Response

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Step into the arena of Scottish rock with the ToneSpeak Glasgow 1050 Impulse Response. This IR is the digital embodiment of the Glasgow 1050 speaker's dominant mix presence. Feel the depth and warmth of the lows, the defined mid-range, and the crystalline highs that come alive through the Kurt Müller paper cone design.
The Glasgow 1050 IR is a powerhouse, providing a full-bodied Scottish tone steeped in tradition yet tailored for today's guitarist. The ToneSpeak Glasgow 1050 Impulse Response includes:
  • A meticulous recreation of the Glasgow 1050's sonic signature.
  • A diverse selection of mic setups, including Royer, Sennheiser, and Shure options, with three distinct positioning choices for each.
  • Multiple sample rates (44.1kHz, 48kHz, and 96kHz) to ensure compatibility across various platforms.
Embrace the legacy of rock with the ToneSpeak Glasgow 1050 IR, crafted for those who want every chord to echo with the spirit of an era.
*NOTE FROM THE FOUNDERS: These are original, authentic ToneSpeak IRs, and mean a lot to us as a small business. We hope customers keep these files in their possession and not share them with others. The funds from each sale support our search for the perfect tonea journey which inspires us daily.*